Escape from the tourist center to Kintamani cooler climates of Bali Mountain region. Using mountain bikes and safety equipment, the downhill trail from Pludu village will lead you through sleepy villages along little-used roads and tracks. Frequent stops are made along the way giving you the opportunity to view aged temple compounds and shady plantations bearing a variety of crops. Local women regally carry festive offerings of fruit and flowers to appease the Gods, whilst village ducks are herded in humorous orderly processions. Young boy’s cut grass to feed the family cow whilst weathered old men gossip at the roadside stall sipping glasses of aromatic mountain ground coffee.

An air-conditioned escort vehicle is on standby at the end of your trip to take you to enjoy a replenishing buffet luncheon before returning to your hotel. All of Sobek’s guides come from the surrounding regions and are trained to entertain and educate by sharing a broad depth of knowledge in Balinese culture and lifestyle. If you only do one tour whilst staying in Bali, this is the one! A day packed with interest, education and fun!


Additional information



The services included :
  • Drinking water in bottle and raincoat
  • Cold face towel at cycling finish point
  • A medical insurance for age 7 to 65 year old
  • Transport
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch is continental buffet including drinking water, dessert and tea/coffee


What to cycling condition:
  • Length of cycling trip is approximately 25.0 kilometers or 15.5 miles
  • Cycling time 3 Hours
  • Hard surface and mainly down hills
  • Starting from 1016 meter above sea level and finish at 320 meter above sea level

Cycling Attraction

What to cycling attraction:
  • Attraction #01: Batur Vulcano view
  • Attraction #02: Shrine Making Process
  • Attraction #03: Balinese Irrigation System
  • Attraction #04: Balinese Hindu’s Temple
  • Attraction #05: Balinese Traditional Compound

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