We Puri Bali Car Rental pioneered car rental business in Bali with commitment “Serving With Whole Heart” Our mission vision is to do our best in short term, long term and sustainable period. The short term is to do the best servants, so our main goal is customer satisfaction can be achieved. The long term is to maintain the well-established relationship

We provide cheap Alphard Bali rentals, complete with driver and fuel, ready to take you wherever you want to go. The condition of the new Alphard car, clean inside and out, and excellent engine will guarantee that whatever your activities while on the island of God will be fun.


Term & Conditions

The term & conditions is:
  • Price per 10 hours when there is over time will be charged over time by 10% of the car rental price (according to the route price traveled)
  • Capacity: 6 Persons
  • Include: Car, Driver, BBM
  • Exclude: Parking and Tol
  • It is not necessary to tip or feed money to drivers (except in the humanitarian terms, you volunteer to give it to the driver).
  • Condition of the car is new, clean, comfortable and safe.
  • Insured cars
  • Experienced drivers, know the places of tourist destinations in Bali, honest, polite, kind, friendly, clean, neat and communicative
  • Drivers that are able to map out travel routes (itinerary) are in line, making efficient and efficient time and cost of car rental

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